Kito & Chrome Sparks Team Up For New Collab Project & Single [Listen]

Kito & Chrome Sparks Team Up For New Collab Project & Single [Listen]

Kito Chrome Sparks

Kito and Chrome Sparks, two influential figures in electronic music, have teamed up for a fresh project called IS U IS U. Their debut single, ‘All I Need,’ is out now, blending indie flair with bounce basslines and guitar riffs, showcasing both artist’s loves and musical background in textured soundscapes.

Kito, known for her towering soundscapes, joins forces with Chrome Sparks, indie-electronic producer renowned for his melodious mountains, bringing a wealth of solo and collaborative experiences with artists like Skrillex, Flume, Khalid, Channel Tres, and Jorja Smith. 

Chrome Sparks began producing music under the name while attending college in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His songs blend playfully manipulated samples and vocals, and are equally primed for dance parties as well as chilling out. Kito, hailing from Australia and based in LA, has a rich musical history, collaborating with Skrillex, BANKS, Fletcher, and more. Her DJ prowess is well-known through events like Club Kito and performances at festivals like Electric Forest and Bonnaroo.

In their own words, IS U IS U describes their collaboration as a fun journey, creating music they love to hear and play as DJs.

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