New Track 'Kill Em' by Digital Ethos Drops Leading Up to Performance at REZZ ROCKS

New Track ‘Kill Em’ by Digital Ethos Drops Leading Up to Performance at REZZ ROCKS

Philadelphia-based producer Digital Ethos unveils his latest single ‘Kill Em’, now available under Rezz’s HypnoVizion label.

Embarking on a journey into the enigmatic realm of Digital Ethos, ‘Kill Em’ stands as a dark and enigmatic addition to the HypnoVizion roster. Capturing the distinctive offbeat structures and shadowy undertones that set his creations apart, Digital Ethos presents an eerie and compelling offering that seamlessly fits within the HypnoVizion catalogue.

Regarding the creation of the track, Digital Ethos shared:

I composed ‘Kill Em’ during a phase of my halftime fascination late last year. The focus of this piece was on imbuing the drums with a significant amount of swagger. The rest of the composition fell into place quite naturally. I believe all the elements of the song harmonize exquisitely. My sincere gratitude to HypnoVizion for their unwavering support.”

Digital Ethos has masterfully crafted a distinct niche with his fusion of experimental bass and hip-hop production. His original works have garnered recognition from esteemed labels like WAKAAN and Bassrush, and have propelled him onto prestigious festival stages such as Electric Forest and Shambhala. Digital Ethos’ inclusion in the HypnoVizion family signifies a meaningful milestone for the artist, who initially united with Rezz for her inaugural REZZ ROCKS takeover in 2018 and will once again stand by her side at the renowned venue for this year’s fifth edition.

Digital Ethos proudly joins the ranks of Rezz’s HypnoVizion label, following the recent releases by fellow artists EDDIE, ANTAGONÏZER, and sfam. Immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of ‘Kill Em’ and anticipate catching Digital Ethos live as he supports Rezz at REZZ ROCKS on August 31st.

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