Kensington Moore Unveils Brooding New Single 'Karma' [Listen]

Karma is a bitch, and Kensington Moore makes it clear that bad karma is coming your way! The latest song from the Kentucky native songwriter is a riveting release that many can attest to. She explains that “nothing brings a feeling of satisfaction quite like watching Karma do her thing,” so she wrote a song about it. It’s brutally truthful and equally as enthralling as her voice is hard to stop listening to her powerful voice.

Moore incorporates her classic songwriting background with her love of jazz, r&B, and pop for a unique fusion that describes her production. She has been featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday France, New Music Friday Neatherlands, Brand New Chill, and A Walk Alone.  With over 2 Million streams to date, Kensington Moore is an artist on the rise.

“Karma” will be included in her debut EP, to be released in 2020.

“My favorite line in the song is ‘take it as a promise, no it’s not a threat – you’ll be paying homage to my upper hand.’ I honestly feel like that’s the most savage lyric I’ve ever written. I’m almost intimidated by my own self every time I sing that line.”

– Kensington Moore

Featured image via artist. 

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