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Kelsey J. of River Beats Chats With Broken Glass Media in Recent Podcast Episode

Kelsey James is River Beats’ Social Media Manager, Editor, and Writer. She is the mastermind behind the River Beats Instagram and Twitter, and keeps River Beats up to date on all of the latest music releases and news.

A few weeks ago, Kelsey represented River Beats and her other endeavors on a podcast with Broken Glass Media LLC. Broken Glass Media is a blog for women in the music industry. With podcasts, tips, and a multitude of other resources, BGM acts as a collective to inspire other women in the industry, or those interested.

Give the podcast a listen below to learn more about what Kelsey does and how she got started. Ya never know, it might just inspire you!

To learn more about Broken Glass Media LLC and the podcast, click here.  

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