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Kayne West Isn’t Feeling His Kanye Best

Kayne West

Staff Writer: Kelsey James

Tonight news broke that Kanye West has been hospitalized and put under observation at a Los Angeles area hospital, NBC News and TMZ report that concerns of severe sleep deprivation are to blame. This unfortunate development is the sad yet unsurprising culmination of a rash of bizarre behavior over the past week, which confused and angered even loyal fans accustomed to his history of controversial antics.

During a show this past Saturday, Kanye arrived extremely late and played just three songs before the brief performance devolved into an impassioned 17 minute long tirade spanning everything from everything from Trump and racism, to Jay Z and Beyoncé. At first fans were going along with it and cheering, however the crowd’s good attitude dissipated when he was still going… 10 minutes later. He ended the night abruptly and dramatically with the words: “Get ready to have a field day, press. Get ready, get ready. Because the show’s over” – followed by a theatrical mic drop. To say the least, fans were not pleased.



Earlier today Kanye officially announced the cancellation of all 21 of his upcoming Saint Pablo tour dates, citing “exhaustion” and “wanting to spend more time with [his] family.” According to Forbes, the cancellations will result in a loss of $10 million dollars for Kanye.

We wish Kanye a speedy recovery and hope things look up for the West family soon.

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