Kaskade Dazzles With New ODESZA Remix [Listen]

Kaskade Dazzles With New ODESZA Remix [Listen]

It’s been a little over a year since ODESZA released their album A Moment Apart. Since the release, many artists have taken their tunes and made them into their own; one of those artists being Kaskade. If you’ve seen him recently, you may have heard the familiar tune “Falls” in his sets.

It was only a matter of time before an official remix endorsed by ODESZA debuted itself, and that time is finally here! While we’re unsure how long this has been in the works, we do know that Kaskade played his take on “Falls” multiple times in his past few sets. The remix itself is a glittery, powerful anthem that builds on the vocals by Sasha Sloan. Overall, we are huge fans of the climatic remix!

Give the official remix a listen below:

Kaskade has always been a fan of the boys as he’s also known for incorporate “Late Night” into his performances as well!

Featured image via Rukes. 

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