Kantor Shows Vulnerability with Emotionally Driven 'Unbroken' [Listen]
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Kantor Shows Vulnerability with Emotionally Driven ‘Unbroken’ [Listen]


“Unbroken” is one the most emotionally-captivating and vocal driven releases ever to come from Kantor. Released June 29th on all platforms, “Unbroken” is Kantor’s 8th and most adventurous project yet. Heartfelt vocals with a melodic cord progression lead into a bass driven journey through Kantor’s emotions.

Previously, Greg Kantor performed as his other alias on tour with Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki, with support from some of the largest DJ’s in the world. Now, Kantor has decided to focus on a new project that captures the sounds, performance, and visuals he dreamed of for many years. We got the opportunity to ask Kantor a few questions including what inspired the project and latest single.

“Skrillex, Girl Talk, Knife Party, Timbaland, i_o, deadmau5, Dr Dre, Porter Robinson, Destroid, Flux Pavilion, the list goes on and on. It’s a tough question to answer because I’ve been inspired for decades and have always evolved my taste. The artists listed above either inspired this project from a sound design or song writing perspective, live show performance, or a visual angle.” – Kantor


Building Blocks

Recently, Kantor has shown two broad styles under one name when it comes to the sonic settings of these tunes. A heavily-imaginative cyberpunk is usually is paired with a mid-tempo/house feel. “Enter The Grid,” “Hacker,” “Power On,” and “Floppy Disk,” embody these traits. In contrast, Kantor fills space with melodic bass bared in the likes of “Concrete Jungle,” and “Beside Me.”

Kantor - Unbroken

Kantor combines the sounds of techno and bass music, and everything in between, to bring the listener into an entirely new world of sounds. “Unbroken” builds on the melodic bass portfolio with a well rendered and carefully calculated mix. The need to feel “Unbroken” rings out in Kantor’s vocal performance, aiming for a sense of relief.

The instrumentation is a mix between glitchy future bass and orchestral elements to create a true hybrid of melodic energy. The lyrics on this track perfectly embody my feelings on the situation, so this song hits home quite hard. I hope anyone who listens to this record feels relief from a past relationship and knows that brighter futures are ahead.

Stepping outside the box

Kantor also invented his own launchpad that’s literally performed on through dance. This creates a totally unique experience for the audience and enables him to showcase his skills as the inaugural DDR World Champion. 

I plan on releasing a ton of new human launchpad videos in the near future. So far I am focused on releasing the best quality music, visuals, and live performance videos for the time being. I plan on performing on the human launchpad on Twitch for the rest of the year as well.

Where would you like to see Kantor perform in 2022?!

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