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17-Year Old Kai Stevens Teams Up With Catchphrase & Kate Klein for ‘Jump With You’

Talent knows no age, especially when it comes to rising* producer Kai Stevens. I know we all hate the term “rising producer” but Kai Stevens especially fits the bill at only seven years old, a junior in high school. Drawing inspiration from Illenium and Blink-182, Stevens combines pop-punk and melodic pop in his latest release with Catchphrase and Kate Klein, “Jump With You.”

Listen to “Jump With You” below:

Steven’s musical background started at a young age with piano and guitar, and he has been mixing his own music for seven years. This release has been a long time coming, having been ready for almost three years. He was only waiting on the vocalist to complete the track when he was introduced to Kate Klein who was the cherry on top. Stay tuned for more from Stevens.

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