Juuku Releases Second EP Single "Leaving" Via Moving Castle

Juuku Releases Second EP Single “Leaving” [Listen]

Anonymous producer juuku is back with the second single from his upcoming ‘Warmth’ EP, “Leaving,” released via indie imprint Moving Castle.

Juuku has never strayed away from showing his emotions or telling his story, no matter how raw and unfiltered it might be. He continues to showcase this intimate storytelling ability in “Leaving,” giving us an emotionally-charged sonic journey through the theme of letting go and releasing things not meant for us.

Truly genre-defying, juuku is known for being able to push the boundaries and effortlessly weave differing Electronic composure styles to create a unique experience for the ears and hearts of listeners around the world. He continues to prove his individual sound in new single by balancing a beautiful mix of melodic build-up with explosive bass-driven drops.

“Leaving” is the second single ahead of his upcoming EP, ‘Warmth’, due out in the Spring and follows the lead single and title track “Warmth” released in January.

“Musicality wise, this track is my favorite that I’ve made yet. There’s this mulling, dreadful emotion that lingers throughout the entire track. This track paints the picture of the emotions you feel when you need to leave a part of you in the past because it doesn’t belong in the present.”Juuku

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