Juuku Releases Brand New Single Titled "ICARUS"
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juuku – “ICARUS” [Listen]

Having wrapped up his debut show in Houston, TX a few weeks back, the rising creative, juuku, is back with a new original single titled “Icarus.”

The artist has been able to maintain a high amount of mystique and continues to release constantly evolving music, leaving fans all over the world in awe with his hypnotic melodies and electric drops. In his latest release, “Icarus,” juuku perfectly encapsulates those same raw emotions while at the same time continuing to push the boundaries through his creative expression as he begins to unravel a whole new side of his production capabilities. “Icarus” begins with a soft intro and quickly builds into the chorus and capping off with a ground-breaking drop.

Since its inception, juuku has been able to form a connection with the world through both his music and visuals; giving his audience a true audio and visual experience unlike anything ever seen before. In an effort to continue pushing the creative boundaries, juuku is releasing a 53-piece NFT collection alongside the release of “Icarus.” We saw this done before when he released his debut EP, Warmth, but never quite in this capacity.

Juuku has come a long way since his breakout song, “Frozen” hit streaming platforms almost two years ago, racking up over a half a million streams and counting. Only time will tell where juuku will be two years from today.

“I’ve been searching for a new sonic landscape to add onto my vision. I’ve pushed myself more and more every single day just to find a sonic emotion that describes me at this stage of my career. Icarus pushes these boundaries for me, and i’m able to find a new dimension to the music that has made me whole”juuku

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