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juuku Pushes The Boundaries With Dreamy “Alive Again” [Listen]

Continuing to take the electronic music scene by storm and push the boundaries with every release, juuku has released yet another dreamy yet electric soundscape.

The rising producer, singer, songwriter, live performer, and River Beats favorite juuku is back with a brand new single, titled, “Alive Again.” For the first minute, the track is a piece of ambient and minimalist electronica that blends the continuous combination of chimes and strings.

Then as the song begins to progress we’re struck with a rapid drum build up and drop that hits us with an intense delivery of static synths and chimes. Throughout the song, we’re taken back and forth between a state of nostalgic reminiscence and controlled chaos.

juuku truly has a way of transporting listeners into another dimension through this his uniquely refined and reminiscent sound design. The song not only is fun and up-beat but has a deeper meaning.

According to juuku, “Alive Again” was created during a dark time filled with crippling anxiety. However, through the ashes, juuku was able to find hope in a dark place and be awakened again.

“this song was the first song i made after going through crippling anxiety and depression late last year. i felt so numb to things and felt like a shell of myself during that time, but there was this one glimmer of hope that i could never describe pulling me back into who i felt i lost. awake again reminds me that no matter how long you think you’ve left something, there is a glimmer of hope deep inside – waiting to be awakened again”juuku

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