Justin Jay Drops UKG-Infused Anthem 'Walk Away' Ahead of New Album [Listen]

Justin Jay Drops UKG-Infused Anthem ‘Walk Away’ Ahead of New Album [Listen]

Justin Jay is an artist who refuses to be put in a box, a fact especially noticeable in his newest single release “Walk Away,” a UKG track and the first single from his highly anticipated album, You Are The One. Set to launch on June 14th, this track serves as a precursor to the album scheduled for release late this summer via his label Fantastic Voyage.

While the album You Are The One explores themes of self-discovery and self-appreciation through the lens of dance music, ‘Walk Away’ introduces these narratives with a vibrant and introspective approach. This track, showcasing Justin’s unique voice and innovative sound, offers listeners a taste of the emotional depth and genre-spanning journey expected from the full album. ‘Walk Away’ is not just a dance track but a profound exploration of the complexities of personal growth and moving forward.

From his early beginnings with Dirtybird to his indie-leaning “Fantastic Voyage” live shows, and his recent foray into cross-genre DJing/Producing, Justin has consistently followed his heart—exploring new styles and genres while bringing his fans along for the journey. The LA native has earned a reputation as a veteran DJ and producer in the electronic music scene, with a career spanning more than a decade and recent releases across marquee labels.

Justin has also cemented himself as a tastemaker and pioneer through his own labels: Fantastic Voyage and his recently launched BangersOnly.com imprint. Fantastic Voyage continues to position itself as a premier destination for innovative and quality music with this release, aligning with Justin’s vision of blending modern sensibilities with old-school rave nostalgia. ‘Walk Away’ exemplifies the label’s focus on depth, innovation, and the fusion of diverse musical styles.

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