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Dedicated Drake fan creates ‘Jungle’ Remix/Duet featuring Drake and H.E.R.

Many are familiar with Drake’s track “Jungle,” which made an appearance on his 2015 mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

The track garnered attention from artists across the spectrum, and even received quite a few remixes. One remix that stood out from the rest was from none other than R&B artist H.E.R.

Youtuber mad3byj recognized this, and combined both tracks in a duet manner to form a beautiful melody. Neither song overpowers the other, instead a lullaby fills your ears. This video is best listened to with headphones to fully enjoy the duet experience.

Give it a listen below:

Peep the originals and compare:

Do you like the originals better, or together as a duet?

C/C The Fader 

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