Julian Skiboat is Someone You Need to Know [LISTEN]

Julian Skiboat is Someone You Need to Know [LISTEN]

I stumbled across Julian Skiboat’s Soundcloud late last year. His single raw and unfiltered sound resonated with me immediately and I became a fan. Unfortunately his music wasn’t on DSPs at all and I couldn’t deal with Soundcloud ads so listening to his music was a rare occasion. Fast forward to now and Julian is starting to put music on all DSPs.

The release of his single “Whiskey” came much to the delight of his fans. They have been clamoring for it since the song started taking off a few years ago. With an EP on the way, be sure to keep your eye on this budding indie/latinx musician. His talent is undeniable and you’ll hear it after your first listen. Stream “Whiskey” below and on your favorite platform here.

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