JOY Pays Homage to 1990's IDM in 'In The Light We Fall' [Listen]

Heading into the Holiday season with new new from JOY in “In the Light We Fall.” Pulling inspiration from electronic greats such as Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada, “In the Light We Fall” is reminiscent of 1990’s IDM with a more modern, downtempo twist. The LA-based producer continues to showcase his musical fusion of “modern-day ingenuity, creativity, and passion.”

Listen to the track below:

JOY began his music career on the piano at 10 years old, and once he dove into the world of synthesizers and mid sequencers, the rest was history. By the age of 14, he had already written over 50 songs as he continued to build his compositional skills. JOY’s official career under the alias is still continuing to bloom, so you’re going to want to keep him on your radar.

Bonus points for JOY: all proceeds for the sale of this song will go directly to Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation Earth Alliance Fund for saving the Amazon rainforest. Learn more about this organization and what they do here.

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