A 'Journey of Obscurity:' The Story of Rising House Music Star DJ E-Clyps

A ‘Journey of Obscurity:’ The Story of Rising House Music Star DJ E-Clyps


As humans, we naturally get busy. The key is being able to take a moment to sit down and enjoy something we love – in this case, music. Whether it be a banging new track or an old favorite, putting a pause on reality to jam out for a bit can be therapeutic.

Luckily for us, new music is being released every day by unique, upcoming artists that is worth taking the time to listen to. One of those many artists is Fort Wayne, Indiana producer DJ E-Clyps.

Ever since he was a child, E-Clyps has maintained a passion for music. For him, it was never enough to simply listen.

“I used to just listen to music, and then mentally I would start taking it apart in my head and figure out how they did it. There never became a point where I was just content listening to it, I wanted to make it.”

After finding his love for mixing, E-Clyps couldn’t imagine pursuing any other career outside of music. At that point, he explained, it was going to be “sink or swim.”

Pulling inspiration from some of the greats, Dr. Dre and Timbaland, E-Clyps decided to take the route of a DJ first, notably while still in middle school. By 17, he was opening up for main acts at 21+ clubs.

“It made sense [to go that route] because it’s easier to get a sense of what works on the dance floor when you’re in the booth playing the records and seeing what sticks, and then taking those observations to the studio.”

It wasn’t until after high school that E-Clyps began producing music. Though he started his career making Hip-Hop, having grown up smack in the middle of Chicago and Detroit, he was influenced by a wide variety of music. And with family in the home of House music, he explained that he always felt drawn to the genre.

“I listened to all kinds of music, that’s the beauty of Hip-Hop. You listen to everything when you’re crate digging for samples or just to be influenced. Reggae, Funk, Jazz, Rock, House, World music–the journey of obscurity is what separates you from others. But for me, House was always one of those genres I liked, especially the Booty/Ghetto House stuff…Plus, I have family in Chicago, so I heard it a lot when we visited them.”

After gaining multiple years of experience making and mixing Hip-Hop, something that he still enjoys, E-Clyps decided that it was time for a change. With his existing love for House music, the choice for his transition seemed obvious, though it was a “challenge” – one he wholeheartedly accepted.

“I chose House because I liked the vibe. It was a challenge, and to me it seemed like there weren’t any rules to the music making process. That appealed to me, and I don’t regret it one bit.”

Fast forward to today and it is easy to see that E-Clyps made the right decision to pursue making music. With only five years of producing House music under his belt, he is already beginning to make a name for himself in the scene. With his recent track ‘Sausages’ that was released on Dirtybird Records as part of the BBQ Compilation and a Birdhouse performance at Dirtybird Campout West Coast 2017, he is certainly one to watch.

Listen to ‘Sausages’ off the BBQ Compilation on Spotify below:

As an up and coming artist, E-Clyps is well versed with the struggle that some artists go through to break into the scene. He, like many who strive to make a passion their career, has experienced his own set of obstacles. One key lesson that he has learned, he explained, is no matter what step of the journey you are on, keep pushing forward.

“My journey in life hasn’t been all roses, as I’m sure it hasn’t been for many. But, you have to focus on what’s ahead. You have to always remind yourself why you’re doing what you do even when no one else understands.”

You can read some of the other highlights from our interview with DJ E-Clyps below. Make sure to keep an eye out for an upcoming release on his own label Blacklight Music titled ‘Wurkit‘ on June 29.

Until then, take a listen to another one of his recent tracks ‘Pancakes,’ which was released on the Classic Music Company three months ago.

Listen to ‘Pancakes’ on Soundcloud below:

Interview Highlights:

Q: What is one or two things you would like your fans to know about you or your music?
“Don’t label me. Meaning just because you hear me produce one type of record, don’t assume that’s all I’ll ever do. If you got through my catalog I’ve made all types of House music. Ghetto, Deep, Tech, Soulful, etc… To label an artist and stick them in a box of what to expect from them is almost criminal. It’s like telling a woman to only have one hair color in her life. Music is expression, and one should be able to express themselves.”

Q: What is one artist you’d love to collaborate with?
“Oh wow, that’s a good question! Mainly with vocalists/rappers that I’m really into. But honestly if I had to pick one? Most likely Missy Elliot. She’s the queen of the club joints, and I think over a House track, she’d really murder it. It’s hard to pick one, because I really have a bucket list of artists, [as] soon as I find a label to give me the budget to pull my crazy ideas off!”

Q: If your life had a sound track, what would be the title?
“Life in the key of Hustle.”

Connect with DJ E-Clyps:
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* DJ E-Clyps is currently without management. If interested in booking him for events, clubs, etc., reach out to him directly via his website.

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