Watch Jonah Hill and Emma Stone's Trippy Trailer For Their Upcoming Dark Comedy 'Maniac'
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Watch Jonah Hill and Emma Stone’s Trippy Trailer For Their Upcoming Dark Comedy ‘Maniac’

Netflix revealed a trailer for their upcoming 10-episode dark comedy series Maniac. Starring Emma StoneJonah Hill, this mini-series looks twisted as hell. 

While the teaser doesn’t really tell us anything new about the show, it does show Stone and Hill giving each other the ultimate stare-down. In the background, an unseen voice poses a mind-bending theory about the mind.

Watch the teaser below:

Maniac is based on the 2014 Norwegian series and is largely set in the fantasy worlds of the characters that Hill and Stone play. It is executively produced by both Stone and Hill. From the looks of this trailer, it looks to be one of the better Netflix originals for 2018.

The show premieres September 21st only on Netflix.


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