[Premiere] Joluca Joins Thomas Garcia for Mind-Bending Psycho Disco EP

[Premiere] Joluca Joins Thomas Garcia for Mind-Bending Psycho Disco EP

Up and coming house duo Joluca joins rising star Thomas Garcia for the drop of their Nobody Else EP on Psycho Disco tomorrow. And lucky for us, River Beats got to check it out first.

The two-track release seamlessly melds disco, tech, house and acid to create a well-balanced album ideal for peak hour sets. As is character of the Atlanta based label, both tracks possess Psycho Disco‘s unique and complex sound that is easily identifiable. Trust us when we say this is one you do not want to miss.

First up on the EP from the promising Canadian pair, title track “Nobody Else” features bright synths, sizzling hi-hat and a classic diva vocal layered over a spinning bass line. The airy melody contrasted by bubbling, full bass creates a light track that isn’t afraid to get a little grimy. A well-balanced cut, side A is perfectly suited for a late-night rave in a warehouse or sunrise set in the woods.

On side B, Joluca enlisted the talents of L.A. house producer Thomas Garcia for their heavy roller “Beleza.” Wasting no time, the track kicks off with thumping, low-end bass accompanied by an ethereal vocal sample. Tensions rise until the 1:30 mark when seemingly sporadic sound effects make for an intricate, trippy breakdown. A dark and driving record, this one is the quintessential choice if you want to shake up the dance floor.

Thanks to the team over at Psycho Disco, River Beats received exclusive access to the Nobody Else EP before it’s official release date tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what you, our readers, think! Listen below and let us know your thoughts in the comments or on socials.

Listen to the Nobody Else EP on Soundcloud:

Pre-order the EP here.

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