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Kanye West is Bringing Sunday Service to Joel Olsteen's Megachurch

The simulation is officially broken. Kanye West is attending Joel Olsteen‘s megachurch in Houston, Texas on Christmas Day for Sunday Service. With him, Yeezy is bringing his traveling choir to perform during the nighttime service. He is going to join Joel in the morning for a 15 to 20 minute conversation at the 11am service, and perform in the evening according to TMZ.

Allegedly, Joel is planning to talk to Kanye about his journey to his faith. According to a source close to Kanye, he is open to “learning how other churches do things. He wants to spend time with other Christian leaders. He’s open for tips and guidance. This is all very important to Ye.”

Lakewood Church can seat about 16,000 people with 45,000 members that attend each week. The services are regularly broadcast on TV and SiriusXM, so this one probably will be as well, though on official announcement quite yet.

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