Jiqui Unveils His First Single of 2023 ‘SONAR’

Jiqui Unveils His First Single of 2023 ‘SONAR’

Coming off hot from his ‘CATACLYSM’ Mix, Jiqui is back with his first single of 2023, ‘SONAR.’ This track has been highly anticipated after premiering at Bass Canyon this past year.

Jiqui recently completed a massive tour run with Riot Ten and a killer New Year’s Eve show with Black Tiger Sex Machine.

“SONAR is one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever produced. The idea for the track came after watching a documentary about sonar sounds and how they work – which is where the vocal is sampled from. As soon as I heard it, I instantly had the idea to use those sounds to create that atmosphere throughout the track. If there’s a song that captures the Jiqui sound and style for this year, it’s this one” – Jiqui

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The Vancouver native, now via Texas,  Jiqui has been one of the most consistent up-and-coming acts in bass music over the past few years. As a hybrid talent in the worlds of dubstep and trap, Jiqui has undoubtedly established himself with top-tier productions that rival the biggest names in the heavier side of dance music. 

Having collaborated with the likes of Kayzo, Kompany, PhaseOne, and Bear Grillz, while also releasing on labels including Disciple, Never Say Die, Bassrush, Cyclops, and more, Jiqui’s music has been in just about every basshead’s ears even if they haven’t realized it.

His dark and heavy sound is supported by Excision, Illenium, SVDDEN DEATH, Kill The Noise, and others, which comes as no surprise to those who know his electrifying catalog. 

Having played festivals like Forbidden Kingdom, Lost Lands, and Bass Canyon, as well as tours for Riot Ten, Marauda and Kayzo, Jiqui’s live show has proven to be a face-melting experience. With so much momentum and no inkling of slowing his meteoric rise, Jiqui’s name will soon be at the forefront of bass music lovers everywhere.

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