Jimmy Pé Releases New Puzzle EP plus a Raunchy Music Video
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Jimmy Pé Releases New Puzzle EP plus a Raunchy Music Video

Jimmy Pé

Jimmy Pé just released a new 5-track EP Puzzle, plus a brand new music video! Check it out below.

The newest single from Jimmy Pé, “Booty Pop”, Will have you feeling yourself. The Slovakian  DJ’s just released the music video for his newest single, plus a brand new 5-track EP titled Puzzle.

This EP captures the party-bounce blend of house music Pé has become known for. A self-described “broken beat explorer,” Pé’s cut-up electronica is gradually finding its way to a worldwide audience. 

The music video for “Booty PoP” is a satirical exploration of sex and violence in a world on the edge of complete chaos. The video unfolds in a swift succession of catastrophic events, all caused by the moves of one bootylicious twerker. Jimmy and his friends must fight for survival in the abstract, risqué world of their creation.

“Booty PoP,” is the lead single off of the larger Puzzle EP. The five new tracks are all infused with a vibrant, edgy house sound that Jimmy hopes will inspire the listener to let loose and have fun.

Along with a budding NFT project, Jimmy Pé expects to have more of a presence in the USA scene soon. He has plans to leave his home country of Slovakia and move to Los Angeles.

Stream Puzzle by Jimmy Pé now

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