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Jauz Revives Classic EDM with Fresh New Stage Production [Review]

jauz’s Dangerous Waters Tour is not a show to miss out on. Last Friday, River Beats had the pleasure of experiencing this production at South Side Ballroom in Dallas, Texas, and to say it was awesome is an understatement.

This stop on Jauz, aka Sam Vogel’stour was just another testament to how well planned each show aims to be. Tynan and Habstrakt were the openers, and it couldn’t be a more perfect start to the night. Tynan’s trap and bass kicked off with high energy, and Habstrakt balanced the night with more deep house and bass house. It was the perfect combo before the headliner, since Jauz is an incredibly versatile artist.

It’s almost hard to wrap our heads around how the stage is set up every time in each city. ‘The Fin,’ a 3-D illusion that moved around Jauz as he played, was such a massive feature on stage. However, his set up also moved him up and down while this feature was moving around him, in order to balance out completely covering him during his performance.

With such a great visual production, it’s safe to say that Vogel and his team really created something unique. It’s refreshing to see how he highlighted his own brand in taking the essence of sharks, and turning it into such a staple component in his performances. ‘The Fin’ is truly one of a kind, unlike anything seen before.

Another great part of the show was the revival of truly classic and timeless dance music. Even though this tour offered creatively fresh stage features, the music took the audience back to what personally feels like when dance music was at its peak. Jauz has always had a classic sound in his music, mixing between bass, house, and trap genres. Make sure to check out what this production’s all about before the tour ends.

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Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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