Dallas Shark-Squad: Get Ready for Jauz's New Tour and Production With 'The Fin' - River Beats Dance

Dallas Shark-Squad: Get Ready for Jauz's New Tour and Production With 'The Fin'

Beware treading the dangerous waters of Jauz and his sets. The man whose “Baby Shark” remix ripped through the EDM community proves to no longer be a baby shark himself. Upon releasing his new EP, Dangerous Waters, he is back with another massive tour not to be missed.

After two massive tours – “The Friendzy Tour” in 2016 and “Bite America” Tour in 2018 – Sam Vogel, aka Jauz, now puts Shark Week to shame with this new production. Presenting ‘The Fin:’ a 3D illusion stage that features a ton of lights while moving up and down, he is clearly taking his shows to the next level.

Check out a preview of what this insane show is going to look like below!

His principle “music has no boundaries” is evident in the music he has produced throughout his career. His energetic personality and dynamic use of the stage puts Jauz in a category of his own when it comes to his sets and tour shows. Playing at the biggest festivals, including Coachella and Tomorrowland, he emulates what dance music is all about.

River Beats can’t wait to file in with the rest of the shark squad at Southside Ballroom in Dallas, Texas, this Friday (Feb. 21) to get our own bite. With Habstrakt and Tynan opening, you can expect the unexpected with this “no music boundaries” theme. We simply can’t wait for all the filthy bass and house drops.

Grab your tickets for this live shark-week experience, before it’s too late!

Featured image via artist.

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