James Vickery Surprises Fans IRL With V-Day Serenade of His New Track [Watch]

James Vickery Surprises Fans IRL With V-Day Serenade of His New Track [Watch]

New R&B sensation James Vickery just sang his way into our hearts with his ridiculous announcement of his new track “Spanish Rose.”

Sometimes the same old Valentine’s Day gifts of flowers or chocolate just don’t cut it. What if you could have one of your significant other’s favorite artists on board for a surprise? Would you have them deliver a personal serenade of some unreleased tunes in the middle of the night? Well, that’s exactly what James Vickery did for two ecstatic fans.

As Vickery explains in the video, a fan named Robert reached out to plan something special for his boyfriend Ethan for the 14th. Flanked by his team and a film crew, Vickery bursts into their apartment at 2 am with his guitar, giving the two an up-close and personal first listen of his newest single “Spanish Rose“. Ethan’s reaction is one of understandable confusion as Vickery’s manager Alex covers the apartment with rose petals and offers them wine.

Here’s to hoping Robert scored a few extra points for his creativity, and to everyone else, take note: it’s time to step your game up. Check out the awkwardly hilarious moment below and check back here soon for “Spanish Rose“, out March 4th.


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