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Jai Wolf Brings Fans Together with “Kindred Spirits” [EP Review]

Staff Writer: Linzi Alexandra 

Sajeeb Saha (24) also known as Jai Wolf, has been on quite the trajectory. The NYC-based producer came from humble beginnings; calling Bangladesh, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York home all before 15. His musical studies started early, beginning with violin lessons at 5 and continuing them until the end of high school. Thought his parents were keen on keeping their son’s musical interests in the realm of the traditional and classical, he had other ideas. His exploration into the electronic world began under the name No Pets Allowed and gained traction with his bootlegs and remixes. In the beginning of 2014, No Pets Allowed was cast aside for the newly realized Jai Wolf. This project quickly gained remix opportunities for some of the biggest names in EDM such as Alesso, Dirty South, and ODESZA, finally blowing up when he remixed Skrillex’s Recess track, “Ease My Mind” in late 2014. The song was picked up and dropped by Skrillex at the Glastonbury Music Fest, and soon after Jai Wolf was signed to Skrillex’s label, OWSLA.

In mid 2015, he released his first single “Indian Summer” with Foreign Family Collective, a label created by the duo behind ODESZA. This single quickly became a hit, currently sitting at 12 million plays on Soundcloud. His next single, “Drive (feat. Chain Gang of 1974)”, only furthered his momentum.

Now, Jai Wolf has released his first full-length EP entitled Kindred Spirits. The EP is a journey in itself and really shows the producer’s innovation and range of creativity.

The first song, “This Space In My Heart Is For You” seems to be taking the listener by the hand and preparing them for the journey they are about to embark on. It has a certain dreamy quality to it as a it grows bigger, stemming from a single note in the beginning. It is an emotional intro that perfectly sets the stage for what follows.

“Indian Summer” is next and while this one is already familiar to many, seeing its flow from the previous track is wonderful. This is a particularly bright track, with a bit of a slow but lovely buildup and shards of vocals throughout, bringing a very positive, anthem-like feeling.

The third track “Gravity (feat. JMR)”is a bit slower as far as synth progression. It is a great meeting point in the middle of the album, and JMR’s vocals only add to the intimate feeling of the song.

“Like It’s Over (feat. MNDR)”
has a very uplifting and retro sort of vibe. The melody is therapeutic and very easy to get lost in. It does a great job of keeping that ever-present dream-like quality flowing.

“The World Is Ours”is a song that has the capacity to make the listener feel invincible. It evokes a lot of imagery and emotions of tenderness as the song progresses and keeps the energy up with its cascading synths.

Finally, the closing song “Drive” (Feat. Chain Gang of 1974) is another one that is quite familiar to some listeners. It is the perfect song to end the album on, with its sweeping, cinematic feel and Mohager’s breathy vocals.

This debut EP truly showcases Jai Wolf’s ability to be both approachable but diverse at the same time, and has the power to resonate in the heart of its listeners. Catch Jai Wolf this Saturday at Republic NOLA and experience Jai Wolf’s Kindred Spirits live paired with his unique stage production.

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