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Jackson Collective Releases Their First House and Techno Compilation

Best known for their desert renegade Jackson tree, the Jackson collective is back with another seamless compilation.

Released last Friday, Renegade House Vol. 1 features eight thumping tracks from a wide array of artists, including MoreliaCarbon StreetSang Froyd28mmYung StanzaSour Boys (which consists of co-collective founder FADI and Jesse Angelis), 2C B and co-collective founder Ocean Roulette. But unlike their first compilation Hello, My Name is Jackson, this release is unique because it is the collective’s first time featuring solely House and Techno sounds. And trust us, it was a success.

Listen to Renegade House Vol. 1 Below:

After one listen of Renegade House Vol. 1, you will truly get a sense of the variety of sounds that The Jackson Collective has to offer. We have no doubt that this is just the start of what’s to come from this impressive collection of artists.

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