JACKNIFE Drops A Dark, Bass-Laced 'Fear' [Listen]


Born out of the most sinful depths of the mind, “Fear” combines JACKNIFE’s psychedelic bass style with impressive G-House flare.

Opening with a bone-chilling vocal sample, JACKNIFE instills that looming sense of dread from first note on. The impressive producer allows his various musical influences to shine through in “Fear,” all while seamlessly blending these contrasting styles together. A stylistic showcase of only the best the artist has to offer, JACKNIFE’s first release of 2020 is a powerful display of production prowess.

“When I made ‘Fear,’ I actually wanted to defy the fear of only making one style. Music is about creating a space to live in. While you’re at a JACKNIFE show, you’re in my world. Bladed Black is a scary planet. And sometimes, I want to scare the shit out of the crowd. Nothing makes your blood bump like a good scare. It’s ok to be scared though. It’s all in your head.” – JACKNIFE

Listen to “Fear” below, and stay tuned for more from JACKNIFE throughout the rest of 2020.

Featured image via artist. 

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