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jackLNDN Taps Fluida for Remix to ‘With You’ [Listen]

Earlier this year, England-based producer jackLNDN released his sophomore album “Thoughts.” On the album was “With You,” a sultry deep house tune that absolutely vibrates. For the first official remix from the album, jackLNDN tapped fellow Brits Fluida to put their own spin on “With You.” On the remix, they blended a euphoric Latin groove to the original for a lovely daytime soiree.

“The snippet of the piano really helped set the vibe, and there was a softness to the texture of Jack’s voice which we sprinkled throughout the track to help keep things intimate.”

– Fluida

Stay tuned for the second remix from the album from Frameworks, coming early next year. The two remixes are intended to keep fans warm this winter, while Jack prepares for new music in 2020.

Check out the original to “With You” and the rest of the album below.

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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