IYVES Taps NIMMO & Charles Fauna for Two Unique 'Gold' Remixes

From the ashes of “Gold” comes not one, but two other-worldly remixes to IYVES’ hit single released earlier this year. “Gold” sees two very different re-creations from producer Charles Fauna and London-based duo NIMMO. While still keeping its original soul-flavored inspiration, both Fauna and NIMMO turn “Gold” into their own magical creations.

Check out the remixes below:

NIMMO are a London-based duo known for their upbeat dance-floor tunes. They are a queer-pop duo that combine their punk roots with a strong influence from the mid-90’s euphoria of their childhoods, reflecting a modern escapism.

Charles Fauna, on the other hand, is a Brooklyn-based producer/artist, close to where IYVES also calls home. For this remix, he taps into his tactful electronic production talents to transform “Gold.” On remixing “Gold,” Fauna explains “there was so much energy in the performance of the original – writing something new to her [IYVES’] words came effortlessly. It was a really natural and bountiful process.”

Stay tuned for more from IYVES later next month! 

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