IYVES is Dripping in 'Gold' in Seductive Music Video [Watch]

In a time where music videos are losing their popularity, IYVES reminds us why they never should with her music video accompanying her single “Gold.” Upon first watch, the viewer will notice every single detail, down to IYVES and her dancer’s every movements. This wasn’t a piece of art strewn together overnight, this took time, thought, and effort.

Check out the music video for “Gold” below:

For the video, IYVES teamed up with Nwabisa Tolom to help direct the stunning feature. Though the time period looks a little dated, they both explained that there is no specific time or era. Instead, they wanted to illustrate a feeling “that has existed for a very long time […] that still holds the same relevance and power today.” Passion seems to be the main theme, as the dancers contrive and contort their bodies vigorously. IYVES and Tolom purposefully wanted to explore the feelings of sexual indulgence, and tap into the taboo of that.

IYVES’ exploration into the classic R&B/Soul genres goes beyond just her musical releases, as she continues to bring something new to the table both visually and audibly.

Featured image via artist. 

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