IYVES Gets Intimate on Acoustic Release of 'Gold' [Listen]
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IYVES Gets Intimate on Acoustic Release of 'Gold' [Listen]

The R&B-fused singer/songwriter favorite of River Beats is back with a stripped-down version to her single “Gold.” IYVES is a Brooklyn-based artist with a voice so powerful, it instantly commands the attention of the listener.

Listen to “Gold (Acoustic)” below:

When asked why IYVES wanted to release an acoustic version, she explained:

I think hearing the song more stripped down lends itself to hearing it in a new light. The mood, lyrics, melodies can take on a new meaning, or be received in a different way than the full production. “Gold” is a song that is about a very personal experience so putting out a more vulnerable, bare track made a lot of sense for this song in particular.”


This acoustic release follows her 2019 return to music after a year-long hiatus with “Gold.” After she dropped her debut EP Chromatic, last year, she took a hiatus to work on new music and continue to evolve her sound.

Featured image via artist. 

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