Ivan Dorn Teams Up With Moldanazar on Impressive New Club Track 'Kaida'

Ivan Dorn Teams Up With Moldanazar on Impressive New Club Track ‘Kaida’

DJ And producer Ivan Dorn is one of the most recognizable celebrities in the Ukraine and Russia – renowned for his one of a kind Persona.

We can tell by Ivan’s Instagram followers that his uniqueness and creative ability have already made him famous not only in the east but also overseas.

Ivan Dorn took his art to new heights last year, winning the Best Russian Act award on MTV EMA 2017 and then recording his first English-language album OTD in Los Angeles. All the while, Ivan still manages to run his own indie label Masterskaya as a way to support his local music scene back home in Ukraine.
Following the two critically acclaimed videos for Beverley , Collaba, and the Samsung-sponsored video for Preach, Ivan has just released a new track “Kaida” in collaboration with electronic music sensation Moldanazar.

With its penetrating and hypnomatic beats, “Kaida” will bring clubs to new heights from from Ibiza to New York. Check it out for yourself below and if you’re lucky enough to be in Berlin this spring you can catch Ivan performing his magic at Festivaal Kreuzberg on April 18th.

Listen to the full track below!



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