Is the Music Degree Right for You?
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Is the Music Degree Right for You?

Many people are concerned about music degrees as they do not see any perspectives. The competition is high: something like 0.0086% of the world is famous. Yep, that would be a challenge. However, why won’t you make music for your soul? It’s not always about commerce. Still, if you plan to make money by composing and performing tracks, a degree in music will increase your chances.

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First, you should research the types of degrees and majors related to music. Check out their requirements and decide whether your skills and experience match them.

Top Popular Degrees in Music

Bachelor of Music is the most widespread degree. The basic courses include:

  • History of music
  • Music theory
  • Ensembles
  • Liberal arts
  • Ear training

Bachelor of Arts is for university students. The focus is on arts and humanities disciplines. Except for music itself, be ready to study visual arts, literature, and poetry. It’ll be easier to write lyrics for your songs then.

Bachelor of Fine Arts is a more specific field. This narrow area covers dancing, filmmaking, and electronic arts. It deals more with acting and performing. Students dedicate equal time to both theory and practice.

Bachelor of Science is not actually all about music, but some disciplines view music from tech aspects. Students will learn more about how tracks are composed and recorded. This degree does not suit future artists but rather their managers and sound producers.

Do not expect to master instruments or acting – this major reminds one of a business administration degree. The courses involve physics, IT, marketing, management, electrical engineering, statistics, and finance/accounting.

Basic Subjects to Study

While these degrees seem different, they have some core disciplines that you should be ready to learn. They are:

  • Music industry. This subject teaches how the music market is shaping, offering the latest trends.
  • Music composition. This course always starts with theory before you get to practice.
  • Music history. From ancient times and medieval music to modern genres – that is what this course covers.
  • Music therapy. This subject has a lot to do with medicine, as many healthcare professionals believe that music can treat various disorders.
  • Performance. This discipline combines on-stage performance and a sort of theater acting.
  • Popular music. This course covers such commercial genres as contemporary pop, R’n’B, country, Salsa, Christian music, etc.
  • Arts management. If you plan to deal with non-profit organizations, this subject will provide plenty of useful information.

New demands and tech advancements dictate new trends in various fields of art, and music is not the exception. This degree will raise your chances of becoming popular one day.

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