Is Rustie Back? Producer Posts Unknown ID From His Personal Facebook Page [Listen]

The year is 2013, and Future bass is at the forefront of dance music. Flume is starting to take over the charts, and What So Not is easily one of the biggest artists on the planet. 

In comes future bass pioneer Rustie, aka Russell Whyte. If you are unfamiliar with the name Rustie delivered one of the most notorious future bass singles of all time, “Slasher.” The single was easily one of the biggest dance songs of 2013 and was played out by just about every big DJ on the planet. 

While “Slasher” has found its place in dance music lore, Rustie took a step back from touring and producing in 2015 to focus on his mental health and substance abuse issues. Dance music has missed him dearly, but maybe we are getting him back soon? 

Rustie posted a video on his personal Facebook page earlier this week that suggests he could be producing music and planning a comeback. Watch and listen to his new ID below. 

What does this mean? Is Rustie coming back? Does he have plans to return after COVID? We don’t know for sure, but at least we are getting some activity from the great Rustie. 



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