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Inzo Releases Sensational New Single 'Spectrum' [Listen]

Rising producer Inzo just released his latest aural adventure in his newest single “Spectrum”.

Chicago-based Inzo first caught our attention with his inventive original “Overthinker.’ Toting massive swinging synths and tight thumping percussion, the song was an instant hit. Inzo’s brand of clean, yet adventurous future bass continues to impress, and his latest single “Spectrum” is another prime example of his unique flair.

“Spectrum” opens with birds chirping and uplifting layered synths before thrusting forward into the first drop where the song explodes atop a booming bassline. Inzo’s creative use of reverb and stereo imagery keep the track dynamic and exciting as it approaches the second drop, which features one of the producer’s more surprising and heavier cuts to date.

Inzo’s first release of 2019 kicks off what will be a huge year for the producer. He joins Adventure Club on tour later this spring for dates in Cleveland, Grand Rapids, and Minneapolis. You can find additional info on those dates and more here.

Check out the new track “Spectrum” below and stay tuned for more from Inzo!

Featured photo by React Presents via artist Facebook

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