Inukshuk Shares Deluxe EP Under New Moniker: Outwild [Listen]
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Inukshuk Shares Deluxe EP Under New Moniker: Outwild [Listen]

Outwild, formerly known as Inukshuk, has repositioned himself with a deluxe 6-track EP titled Everbright, out on Seven Lions’ label Ophelia Records. The deluxe edition includes several remixes from up-and-coming producers. Kicking off the new remixes is Vaance’s glitchy reimagination of “The Way You Are.” Other remixes include Vancouver-based dance artist Miles Away and melodic bass producer N3WPORT.

Give Everbright (Deluxe) a listen below:

With five years of dance music production under his belt, Outwild continues to show off his versatility with enlisting the help of his fellow colleagues. His first track, released in 2015, hit the future bass wave, giving him the momentum for future opportunities to come.

Why the name change? From Inukshuk to Outwild.. with the world in its evolving state it’s in right now, Outwild “serves as a rebrand, one that leaves behind the Inukshuk name.” The Canadian producer revealed the news directly following his set from Seven Lions ‘Vision 4’ Twitch Livestream event earlier this summer.

Featured image via artist.

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