Insomniac Extends Ownership in Miami EDM Club 'Club Space'
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Insomniac Extends Ownership in Miami EDM Club 'Club Space'

Insomniac has added another tier to their belt: an ownership stake for Club Space in Miami, Florida. Club Space is a hot spot for electronic music in the Miami area, located primely off of the interstate in Downtown Miami. Insomniac is the brains behind some of the best and largest dance music festivals in the world, so this move isn’t quite surprising for the company.

With this new partnership, there is nothing quite confirmed yet from the Insomniac team. According to Insomniac however, management and operations within the club will not change.

Space is one of the most iconic dance music venues in the U.S., if not the world, and I’m excited that Insomniac is now a partner,”

– Pasquale Rotella, Insomniac founder and CEO.

Rotella continued to say that “The Space Invaders team will still be running the show, and together we will set the bar for entertainment in Miami. Space is another important piece of the Insomniac vision coming together.”

Club Space opened up in 2000 by Luis Puig at a different location. The Space we know now moved to its location in 2003, before selling to investors in 2013. During this time of transition, people in the Miami area were unsure if the club would be able to keep up with the times. Then, in 2016, three friends: Davide Danese, Coloma Kaboomsky, and David Sinpoli stepped in to assist and revitalize the venue we love today.

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