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Imagine Music Festival Announces 2017 Dates, Replaces TomorrowWorld

On Wednesday, Imagine Music Festival announced that they will, in fact, be returning to the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta, Georgia for 2017; however, at a much later time in the year compared to 2016. This year, Imagine took place mid-summer during one of the hottest months in Georgia in essentially a concrete dome. It seems that Imagine Festival has acknowledged these problems and decided to make the fest for 2017 a whole month later than 2016, during the time frame Tomorrowworld took place on around two years ago.

This was their official announcement from the Imagine Facebook page:

Thank you for all of your feedback Imaginers. Last year was a big leap for Imagine and your feedback has been critical in helping us shape the 2017 event. The number one request from you was to move our date to a later time in the year to avoid the Georgia summer heat and the beginning of the school year. With Atlanta Motor Speedway’s support we are thankful to be able to fulfill this wish and believe the new dates will make for an even more enjoyable and magical experience for all. This is just one of many improvements we are implementing in accordance with your suggestions. We look forward to seeing you for #IMF2017 “We love you and it shows”

Tickets for the fest are already on sale and are going as low as $129, including admission. Camping passes will be sold separately at a later date. This is undoubtedly one of the more affordable camping fests and for the past two years, the lineups certainly have not disappointed. Take a peek at the past lineups below.


Stay tuned for more Imagine Music Festival news, we are definitely looking forward to seeing who they are bringing to provide the musical experience for this year’s event. Get your Super Early Bird tickets now.

Written By: Kelsey James


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