Ilo Ilo Want You to Find the Prize at the End of Their Digital Maze | Watch

Head over to right now. The cryptic duo have created a digital labyrinth for fans to navigate. Once completed, there will be a prize for you to enjoy.

ilo ilo also released a new single a few weeks ago accompanied by a music video this past week. The video starts off as they are awaken by a voice saying she “has a special journey” that she wants to take them on. The duo then head off on a search throughout LA trying to find end result. Eventually they are led to a field where the sky begins to change and they slip into an altered state of consciousness.

It’s the perfect pairing to go with the digital scavenger hunt. Don’t miss out on your prize at the end of the tunnel and chose your journey now. Stay tuned for more new music from ilo ilo as they are unveiling their new Dream Tapes EP right now.

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