Illustrated Impresses with New Single 'Alchemy' [PREMIERE]

Gravitas Recordings is home to some of the more subversive producers working today, and Illustrated is no exception.

Fans of Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla and Gravitas label-mate CloZee will find a lot to love on Illustrated’s “Alchemy.”

Coiling serpentine melodies and the welling reverb of psybient music make for a compelling expanse. Maybe it’s an easy comparison, but melodies with this kind of scope sound like descending temple depths, sinking to caverns where light just won’t reach. Following that, the subtle trap hi-hats shake debris loose from the ceiling, while eldritch flutes drive the mystery deeper still.

Give “Alchemy” a listen below:

It’s not a new style, but the seamless blend of world music and modern electronic thump give “Alchemy” considerable scope. Where a lot of the problem with psybient music comes from a lack of form, Illustrated uses weight and atmosphere to guide his monolithic plunge. Eastern sound gimmickry be damned, we’re left wondering how deep this temple goes.

Accompanying the new release is a music video that perfectly fits the soundscapes of the song. Give it a watch via Youtube now.

Featured image via artist. 



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