Ice T Shouts Out Marc Rebillet on Twitter: 'This MF is Bada**'

Ice T Shouts Out Marc Rebillet on Twitter: ‘This MF is Bada**’

Marc Rebillet is QUITE the character. He has always made waves with his improvised music-making and comical lyrical abilities, but his skills have found the spotlight amid Quarantine. He has hosted weekly, and sometimes almost daily, live sessions on Facebook Live where he picks a theme and makes up songs incorporating the theme. The man is a talent.

Last night, Ice T discovered Rebillet after seeing his most recent video on Twitter, captioned “RACISM SUCKS.” Ice T quote tweeted the video with “I think I just found my new favorite artist… this MF is hardcore!”

After sharing this tweet, Twitter user @pete_nocchio1 shared Rebillet’s infamous video about eating a**. Ice T liked that one too.

In which Rebillet replied back to Ice saying “Ice! Truly honored to be on your radar.” Ice T says that is he definitely an “instant fan” and that Rebillet is a “total ORIGINAL.” The two went back and forth a few more times, but Ice definitely made it known he is the newest Marc Rebillet fan!

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