Bricks of Cocaine Surface on Beaches Following Hurricane Dorian Rampage

After ravaging the Bahamas for close to 2 days, Hurricane Dorian thrashed 150+ mile per hour winds, resulting in things getting picked up and washed away. Though the hurricane barely missed hitting Florida, several bricks of cocaine have washed up on Florida beaches. A police officer in Melbourne, Florida was alerted to the “suspicious” items that washed ashore at Paradise Beach Park.

The officer that stumbled upon the packages, said (per Complex) that it was “wrapped in a way that was consistent with narcotics.” Upon testing of the packages, the results confirmed that it was indeed cocaine. About 20 miles north in Cocoa Beach, the same thing was discovered inside of a duffel bag. Inside the duffel was close to 15 bricks of cocaine. The 15 bricks is worth anywhere between $300,000-$450,000.

H/T: Complex

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