Who is humxn? The Masked Producer Shares his Debut Single 'Summer Fling'
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Who is humxn? The Masked Producer Shares His Debut Single ‘Summer Fling’

What is it about the masked musician humxn that keeps people wanting more? While this specific trend isn’t exactly new, nor is it going anyway anytime soon, the recent success story of Marshmello  and others alike – have thrusted this marketing ploy into the spotlight.

Even though we could list off the dozens of producers still finding success in this realm, there is one currently standing out amongst the rest.

His name is humxn. He officially burst onto the scene this week with his debut single “Summer Fling” featuring the smooth vocals of R&B superstar Khalil. Khalil is known for his hit “Playtime” with pop-superstar Justin Bieber.

Why do we like it?!

It’s an infectious collaboration that will be stuck in your head for days. The catchy pop-hook depicts “breaking up” and getting over someone you never officially dated. Soulful lyrics mixed in with a heavy driving synth make this track stand out for us.

With over 21k fans on Facebook and 48k on Instagram, the masked producer has obviously caught the attention of fans all over the world. Only time will tell what holds next for humxn!

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