How To Make Your PC More Entertaining
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How To Make Your PC More Entertaining

Digitalization paves the way for us to build our personal computers (PC).  Before, Internet cafes were highly visited by users who did not have computers at home. Today, almost every working individual has their own PC.

It saves a lot of money. You don’t have to go out every time you need to do some research. Besides, you have the right and means to upgrade any specs of your computer.

Work-at-home individuals, like freelancers or virtual assistants, usually don’t require higher upgrades to their PC. But, gamers, video editors, and creative teams must have speedy, high-end computers to complement their daily activities.

It’s fun to upgrade your PC. Here we will share with you how to make your PC more entertaining by upgrading its parts or specs.

RAM Upgrade

It’s like heaven to upgrade your RAM. It’s easy and accessible. Upgrading your RAM does not require any technical know-how.

By doing this, you are able to boost your PC’s performance especially if you already find it running as slow as the turtle. Remember that the more you need apps running in the background, the more you will need to upgrade your RAM.

Basically, 4GB RAM is enough for general use. 8GB allows you to multi-task browsing while editing RAW photos. Virtual Assistants are normally required 4GB to 8GB.

Gamers and video editors are suited to having 16GB RAM. You can also have a standby RAM in case you want to upgrade it later. Just make sure to store it inside a secured safe made by a renowned safe manufacturer. So far, it is the best RAM for pro-level tasks like they have. It has a big memory and allows you to have the best experience in using your PC.

Webcam Installation

Choosing a webcam for your PC shouldn’t be expensive because there are webcam manufacturers who offer very affordable ones these days. Many virtual assistants need a webcam for their PC, especially during online meetings and training.

There are features like a built-in microphone with a wide aspect ratio. Perhaps you wish to upgrade with a capacity of up to 4K or 60FPS.

Dual Monitor

This is one of the basic upgrades for PCs. It makes work fast especially if you’re working at one of the top medical supply companies. Dual monitors promote multi-tasking by allowing multiple tabs to run at the same time.

Check if your computer can support having a dual monitor. It also has to be compatible with your video card. If you’re not sure about these two, try to ask the nearest technician there is. You can also try using a triple monitor setup that will help you solve multiple tasks at once.

Keyboard Upgrade

This is one of the most entertaining upgrades. Imagine working at home using keyboards with colors of your preference. It gives you a sense of ownership at work saying to yourself “I own this work!”.

Are you into personalization? See how you wish your keyboards to be. Here are different types of keyboards:

Wired Keyboards

It’s very affordable. You can easily swap it with another wired keyboard anytime.

Wireless Keyboards

It relies on a radio frequency antenna or infrared. It’s hassle-free because you don’t see any wires cluttering your desk.

Gaming Keyboards

Avid PC gamers would definitely love having their own gaming keyboards. It’s durable and speedy. Its keyboards have the quickest key response times which is very helpful during live stream games.

Mechanical Keyboards

It features separate keys. Some content creators have shown that you can customize or design each key in a mechanical keyboard. It’s totally fun!


Have you used the old mechanical type of computer mouse? When it gets damaged, you can see the mechanical ball coming out from the case of the mouse. It’s different now because we usually use an optical type of mouse.

A computer mouse is just the same as a keyboard. You can choose whichever you wish fits the whole PC build. But, did you know that there are also other types of this handheld device?

Air Mouse

This is unique because you don’t need a desk. The mouse controls the cursor using your hand’s motion. It will sense your hand’s motions like waving or pointing.

This is very useful during business meetings and presentations about glass beverage bottle wholesale. You don’t have to ask someone to point something on the screen for you. You can carry it all by yourself and point anywhere the presentation you like.


It’s an input device. A joystick is mostly used in simulations like flying a plane or spacecraft. You can see this on arcade games. It has extra buttons for other functionalities.


Instead of the roller ball being placed underneath, the trackball mouse has it on the top or the side. It lets the user rotate the dimension using the thumb or any other finger. Thus, it also lets you point your presentation on screen without moving the whole mouse.


It’s inspiring to see your PC upgrade from time to time. It means that you value your work and it pays to beautify your computer set-up at home. It is best to run through the list of suggestions we made here before you jump into buying computer parts in bulk.

It doesn’t have to be costly because you can buy parts one at a time. There are also suppliers who are generous enough to offer affordable and quality ones.

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