How To Find The Perfect Wedding Elopement Soundtrack
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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Elopement Soundtrack

Finding the fitting soundtrack for your wedding elopement is similar to finding the right soundtrack for a traditional wedding. The key differences involve setting up a soundtrack that portrays the intimate nature of an elopement but still retains the formal aspects that make a wedding such a special day.

What Is Wedding Elopement?

A wedding elopement is a marriage ceremony that has been abbreviated into a short and sweet affair. It’s similar to a traditional wedding, but there is no reception involved in addition to the ceremony. Weddings of this type emphasize the love and commitment of the couple and their guests rather than the reception. Elopement can be an alternative to marriage. It is often chosen by couples who want an intimate ceremony with only their closest friends and family members present. 

They have become so popular that entire industries have risen around the prospect of making your special day that much more special. Businesses like these allow couples to invite only their nearest and dearest while reducing the number of other people present. 

This can save money and time in the planning stages, which, while often not the main reason for an elopement, is a favorable side effect. According to elopement planning specialists Run Away With Me, by hiring a company to look after the details, you will be in a far better position to enjoy your wedding stress-free and according to your vision. This could include weddings in far-flung locales to an intimate event hosted at a place that is unique to you. 

Is Music Necessary For Your Elopement Ceremony?

The modern elopement is not the same as the traditional elopement, in which the couple fled away from home and married secretly. Elopements nowadays take just as much effort and time as big fancy weddings; it’s just that the size differs. Many people believe that eloping couples don’t have to follow the rules of an official ceremony because they don’t follow the rules. Because of this, music remains an integral part of any elopement and, in some cases, can turn a special event into an unforgettable one if done correctly.

How To Choose The Perfect Soundtrack?

The way you choose your wedding soundtrack will have many similarities to planning a traditional wedding, except that you can customize it exactly to your tastes. It is also more efficient than planning a regular wedding playlist since you don’t have to worry about catering to everyone’s tastes, diluting the effect. So what should you do to select the perfect songs for your perfect day?

Discuss With Your Fiance

The first step is understanding that this wedding is about two people; you and your fiance. With this point in mind, you can speak directly with each other on deciding the songs you want to include. You could choose songs that appeal to your characters, are fun to lighten the mood, and have sentimental value. Once you have a decent amount of tracks written down, you can set up a shared document to log everything down.

Set Up A Shared Document

Using something like Google Docs to log your song preferences may not sound like the most exciting aspect of an eloped wedding, but you will be thankful you did this later. You can set these documents to be shared between the both of you. This has several benefits:

  • You can keep everything in one place.
  • You can note down songs when the inspiration hits you.
  • It is accessible anywhere.
  • It will significantly expedite the planning process.

Organize Songs Based On Key Events

You do not need a specific formula to plan your wedding; you should develop a timeline and arrange the music for the event. This will create an enticing atmosphere that keeps the proceedings moving forward. In addition, you should set aside your most personal songs for moments such as your first dance and so on.

Select Tracks Based On The Location Of The Wedding

You might like to include songs depicting the fun style if you host your small wedding in a tropical country or on a beach. On the other hand, if you will be hosting it at your parents’ house or holiday home etc., you might want to include a few songs that they enjoy as a thank you for their help.

Keep The Beats Balanced

There might be many songs on your playlist that perfectly express how you feel about marrying your love. Nevertheless, not all music should make you well up with happiness as there are other considerations. You should ensure that your wedding music is balanced to keep the atmosphere light and the momentum going.

In the end, you should remember that your wedding elopement is about you, not anyone else. Because after your wedding, all you will want to remember is the joy of your perfect day, not the stressful process of planning it.

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