How to Become a Professional DJ: Step By Step Guide
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How to Become a Professional DJ: Step By Step Guide

Being a professional DJ can be a fun and profitable career since electronic music is getting more and more popular every day. However, to become one, you will have to learn the basics of DJ-ing and get everything you need to get you started on your way to superstardom. It may seem easy when you look at someone else do it, but it sure is not. Follow this article to see a step-by-step guide on how to become a professional DJ.

How can you become a professional DJ?

In order to become a professional DJ who makes a lot of money you have to do the same thing you would with any career choice, and that is hard work. Some might see a DJ on TV or YouTube and say that anyone can do that, but in reality, it takes a lot of work to get on the top of this industry, especially when you think about everything you need to consider when playing. If you are ready to commit to this entirely, then it is time to learn how to make a career out of this. Here is a guide.

Get the right equipment

First of all, you will have to get everything that is necessary to start DJ-ing. Having the right things is really important so buying quality DJ equipment should be your top priority. You might think that there is no real difference, but you are wrong. As with every musical instrument, the right one, along with everything that comes with it additionally is of key importance if you want to succeed. Here is a list of what you must have in order to get started:

  • Two DJ Turntables
  • A DJ mixer
  • DJ Headphones
  • RCA Cable
  • Vinyl Records
  • Slipmats that go between the records, and also the turntable platter
  • Two cartridges or needles

Learning the basic skills a DJ must know

Now that you have the equipment, it is time to try it out. You have to learn the basics of DJ-ing before anything because that will keep guiding you whenever you are doing a gig or mixing something new.  Make sure that you are patient while doing this and stay patient in order to learn everything you need well. There are many things you can learn for becoming a professional DJ and here is a short list of things:

  • Beatmatching, or getting two tracks to play in the same tempo. Even though it is not necessary, it will still help you to learn beat mixing and developing and tuning your ears.
  • Phrasing will make sense to anyone who played any kind of musical instrument. This means that you mix your tracks into songs that make sense.
  • Gain control over your rig. First of all, there is a gain knob that allows you to adjust the level by watching the meters, and then, each channel has a line Faber that adjusts depending on how much signal you are sending to your main output.
  • EQing or equalizing means that you are boosting or cutting down frequencies to blend audio tracks more easily and nicely. For example, if something is too strong to survive, you may need to know to play two types of music like kick drums over each other combined.

Recording a mix

Now that you have mastered the basics, you should start considering creating a mix that will promote you and that people will hear about. This mix should be your ticket into the bigger leagues and it will surely get people to listen to you. Do not be afraid of experimenting, but also remember the basics you have learned because they are a sure thing through which you will know that the mix you have made is great.

Try looking at a recording like telling a story about where you started to where you would like to go. Imagine yourself in front of a crowd and now play that scenario out in your head. Make sure that you are creative and there will be no stopping you.

Build a following

In order to become a superstar, you first need to build a following. So, once you are done creating your own mix it is time to promote yourself. Remember that everyone started small so do not be discouraged by small venues but rather be thankful that you got a gig. These small gigs will help you boost your mix sales which are very important because now people will be able to listen to you from home. Also, make sure to open social accounts that are concentrated on your DJ career and post there frequently.

One of the ways to gain new followers and share your music with the world is to pitch your songs on the Spotify playlist. It’s possible for DJs to connect with playlist curators through Spotify promotion services like SoundCampaign. Getting featured in curated playlists helps musicians reach their audience from the one hand and makes it possible for listeners to find new artists through personalized playlists. Musicians can use Spotify effectively to increase their followers count. If you want to be part of the streaming revolution, make sure you have a great profile that tells potential listeners about who you are and what makes your music so special. You should also get on social media and connect with other artists in your genre whose fans may enjoy your work too. With these tips, you’ll be able to use streaming sites like Spotify to grow your following faster than ever before. 

As you can see, becoming a DJ is a little harder than you thought, but it still is not too hard. If you are determined to become one, you just have to find the right equipment and be careful. Make sure to educate yourself, and also learn self-promotion. Now, get out there and light up the stage!

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