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How Music Influences the Relationship Between a Man and a Woman

We all know that music, to one degree or another, has an impact on a person. From the very birth, we listen to music and get used to certain genres. As a result, as adults, we have a clear idea of what we like and what we don’t, and what is even unpleasant. From the choice of music, you can draw a thread to the style of communication, the choice of clothing, and behavior in society. The influence of music on a person is still being studied, it is already no secret that the music of the classics is even able to heal the body, in connection with which a direction in medicine called ornithotherapy was discovered.

Music and relationships

Try to remember events that are memorable to your heart and are associated with music, such as the first dance or kiss with Russian brides online that accompanied the music. Many happy events in the life of a couple are accompanied by a melody that has become familiar. Music fixes a positive effect on our memory. And when there are moments of doubt, as a rule, after a quarrel, a familiar melody contributes to a certain transfer into a state in which you felt good with a particular person and the fuse of resentment subsides.

Music and life together

But this is only one side of the influence. Some time ago, a study was carried out that revealed that couples who regularly listen to music at home have more romantic relationships with all the pleasant consequences. Many respondents agreed that doing household chores with music is not so burdensome.

Another study shows that people are more likely to communicate, feel better and like each other more if music is constantly playing in their homes. American neuropsychologist Daniel Levitin found this out in his research together with Apple Music. Thirty families asked not to listen to music at home for one week, and the next week to play it constantly and louder.

Listening to songs together has a positive effect on many indicators. People spent three hours more with their family that week when they listened to music together. As a result of the study, it turned out that:

  • the mood was 16% better;
  • they laughed 15% more often;
  • expressions of love increased by 14%;
  • children helped their parents 19% more often;
  • and the food tasted 58% better.

Listening to music together affects the production of the hormones oxytocin and serotonin.

Music and preferences

Another interesting observation is that girls like young people who prefer rock music, while guys like girls who prefer classics. However, most experts come to the logical conclusion that when tastes in music coincide, the relationship in a couple is stronger.

Remember, more songs and melodies in the house mean more love, intimacy, fewer quarrels, and stronger relationships. This is a direct relationship that will work for a long time. Besides, music is a part of our life, and it’s so nice to share your favorite song with your partner and reawaken love in your heart.

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