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Weekly Spotlight: Houston-based M.E. Swank Drops New Single ‘Buzzed’ [Listen]

Houston-based DJ M.E. Swank dropped his new single, “Buzzed,” on Monday for Texas label, Maxed Out. M.E. Swank has gained a loyal fanbase over the last few years due to the combo of his hard hitting bass sound and his on/off stage charisma. Swank gets his inspiration from both the mainstream festival circuit and the underground bass scene. This produces a unique sound that is sure to get you hyped.

His diversity and range come from his background as the lead vocalist of the Houston-based metalcore group, Myka Relocate. This wide range of diverse sounds combine into the unique sound M.E. Swank brings to the table.

Stream “Buzzed” below

M.E. Swank is set to perform at the upcoming Asteria Music Festival alongside acts such as Feed Me, No Mana, Barely Alive, and Virtual Riot.

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Featured Photo courtesy of Facebook.

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