House Legend Proxy Drops 2-Track Bass House EP 'HIGH / EZY TING' [Listen]

House music legend Proxy just dropped his new 2-track bass house EP, ‘HIGH / EZY TING,’ which follows his diverse Collusion EP featuring AC Slater and arrives via Insomniac’s IN/ROTATION Records.

Last December legendary Russian DJ/producer Proxy, whose decade-spanning portfolio includes projects with music icons like The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson and Moby, returned from a year-long hiatus to release his Collusion EP on Night Bass Records. The 4-track collection featuring AC Slater, DZA and more propelled him back into the spotlight, receiving praise from top music publications like Dancing Astronaut and This Song Is Sick.

Proxy has made a name for himself over the last decade as a mysterious maestro comfortable with creating unusual and inexplicably extraordinary beats. He burst onto the scene earning respect and awe from heavyweights like Justice, Soulwax, and Erol Alkan for his astonishing, severe tracks like “Decoy,” the massive 2011 hit “Raven,” and “Dance in Dark” which was part of his 2013 debut opus, Music From The East Block Jungles.

His signature sound is as dark as it is beautiful. Without losing the modernity of his production, Proxy includes the raw sounds that inundated the bass scene. This has resulted in an experimental sound atypical to EDM’s current scene. It’s hallmarked with futuristic vibes, razor-sharp hooks, hypnotic breakdowns, and jagged synths.

All of these elements are found on his new 2-track EP. It begins by elevating us into Proxy’s unique atmosphere with the trippy and upbeat A-side, “HIGH,” and then puts us at ease with the experimental, “EZY TING,” which features the producers own voice proclaiming the motto we all need right now, “All things are gonna be like easy sh*t I’m tellin’ you.”

Stream “HIGH / EZY TING” here, and find it on Spotify below.

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