Soundz Organic Taps hokey boi For Two-Piece Squelcher, 'Biodamp'

Soundz Organic Taps hokey boi For Two-Piece Squelcher, ‘Biodamp’

hokey boi

Growth and evolution are critical in order for evolution and innovation to take place within the music scene. Without these critical elements, things can draw to a standstill with repetition and redundancy poisoning the well.

An emerging talent keeping the wheels moving with their respective sound is hokey boi. Starting his musical journey only four years ago, it’s wildly impressive to see the heat he’s already bringing to the table. The face behind the name is San Diego-based Jack Hokanson, the West Coast’s latest bragging right. Looking to present a high energy with his calculated sonic endeavors, he hits the nail on the head within the glitchy-halftime and neuro spaces.

This year has been big for the breakout producer. He kicked off the new year with his Winter 2024 Unreleased Mix, which has been met with overwhelmingly positive critique from fans and fellow artists the likes of crawdad sniper, BackLeft, and Kuhlin. Keeping the momentum going, hokey boi followed up and released the Crumb Collector EP just a few months later, further showcasing his nutty sound design and dedication to the craft.

This past Friday, his latest EP, Biodamp, saw a fat release with Soundz Organic. This two-track EP is a squelchy delight. We dream of great music on great sound systems and great sound systems dream of great music like this.

“I felt that these tracks were a good balance of dance-able and experimental that showcase my progression in sound design and groove.”-hokey boi

First up is “Biomass.” This one has a slow-burn intro that gives you some much-needed preparation for what’s about to ensue. After a brief riser fades out underneath the percussion and into the white noise, your ears are met with squelchy madness that’ll make you question everything. These elements combine with a groove that forces your attention and movement. If the first drop isn’t enough, (it will be) the second one will have you up and dancing whether you want to or not.

Next, we have the second of the two-track EP, “Dampening.” Just as good as the last, but taking a bit of a different route here, “Dampening” also starts with a bit of a slow burn intro, but once we get to the drop in this tune, the bounce and groove in the drum work paired with his signature neuro squelches are like a match made in heaven. Adding to this, a slew of other mind-melting sounds tastefully scattered throughout the track. All I wanted was more after this.


Aside from releases, hokey boi has been performing in a string of shows across the west coast, including San Diego and Eugene, Oregon, with many more big plans on the horizon. Hokanson and the project have shown incredible growth in such a short amount of time and the future is certainly looking bright for the young producer.

With continuous support from some of the biggest names in the game, it doesn’t look like anything will be stopping his momentum any time soon. Keep up with everything he’s got going on in the links below.

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